2019 Is A Bad Year For Foldable Phones But Samsung and Huawei May Turn It To Good Year In September

So sad was for Galaxy Fold when it started having design problems earlier this year. Announced on February Huawei Mate X did not come out to the market yet with its cosmic estimated $2600 price. Another unreal dream – Motorola Razr is just roaming around the internet with promising pictures and rumors. Only the first folding phone Royole Flexpai stays available on the market. However, it creates some noise when you fold as Unbox Therapy says in the video below

Samsung and Huawei Do Not Give Up On Foldable Phones

As Kitguru informs that Samsung will re-release its foldable phone Galaxy Fold in September with improved design. In the same month, Mate X comes from Huawei with a design that will not repeat the problem of Samsung. The problem here is its high price which will not allow competing against Samsung. If improved Galaxy Fold will pass all the customers reviews with positive feedback, most probably the Korean giant will acquire the majority of the foldable phone market share.

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