3 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

Making money online has been a quest for many people around the world. The idea of sitting in your pajamas to make ends meet is becoming easier by the day and knowing how to utilize this opportunity becomes increasingly important

And, with 2020 coming up, it may be wise to look realistically into your options to make money online.

We have compiled a shortlist with the best ways to make money online in 2020. Let’s dig in.

1. Sell a service online

Everyone is good at something. And if you are not a natural talent then you are at least better than other people. Whether it is your plumbing skills or your unique dance moves, there is an opportunity to monetize almost type of service online. 

Check out websites like Upwork and Fiverr to see if there is any demand for the type of service you offer and slowly build your client list.

2. Invest in high-risk, high-reward opportunities

Investing is something you don’t learn in school. If anything, people tend to confuse it with gambling, which inherently is luck-based.

However, investing is different. You can invest in low-risk, low return opportunities, but that is reserved for those that have a high capital to play with.

If you are like me, and would rather invest a small amount in high-risk, high-reward opportunities, it’s best to start doing some research. 

You can buy digital assets that have shown great potential over time, the best of which currently is Bitcoin, hold it for a year or two and exit with a profit.

Just note, always invest no more than you can afford to lose.

3. Affiliate marketing

By affiliate marketing, I don’t mean the Ponzi schemes and Herbal life, which have given the term a bad rep for all its worth. 

The idea behind this is simple – you find companies that pay when you attract the customers and you create articles that would rank well on Google. 

Nowadays e-wallet and online banks pay really well for customers and it’s easy to rank these posts. And here are some example posts that earn on commissions:

  • Monese reviews will earn you $15 per each customer you refer
  • Similar is with Paysafe reviews that pay 20% to their affiliates and a ton of other online banks and e-wallets
  • You can also find a lot of interesting products to review on Clickbank

There are many online courses that can teach you how to build, write for and monetize affiliate websites. Udemy and Coursera are full of Free resources on this topic.


These three opportunities are a great way to introduce yourself to the potential of online income. In time, you will not only get rid of your “boss” but you will also see that earning money online is actually a very realistic scenario.

Finally, as with everything, online work requires that you continually keep educating yourself, in order to stay updated on changes that may affect how well you will be able to perform your job.

Alex Krakowsky

Editor in Chief. Living in the era of dynamic tech change Alex decided to stay tuned in changes that make any person find comfort and adapt to new devices. Furthermore, gaming became his passion for spending leisure time with his close ones. Although, he has a degree in Business Administration (majoring in Finance) writing for technology and as well as finance has been one of the precious aspects of his life