AMD Renoir APU Spotted On GFXBench Database

What a lovely day! Hottest news for today is AMD’s upcoming Renoir APU is again spotted by Twitter user Komachi_Ensaka but this time in GFXBench website. It looks like some AMD engineers are testing the performance and tuning it into real-world beast. Specifically, this database called it “AMD Radeon Renoir Graphics D1.” What does D1 mean for public knowledge? Either Renoir APU has a different pricing category like Vega 8 and 11 or simply they called it as an engineering sample D1 and D2 perhaps. Let’s wait and see how it turns out on the day of release. Whole world waiting for this chip to save the budget gamers who also want to enjoy higher frame rate performance from their gaming rigs.

According to previous leaks and slides, this particaular hotly anticipated Renoir APU might come with LPDDR4 support running on 4266 MHz with a huge 4GB VRAM. Obviously, it translates into smooth gameplay without stuttering and lagging playing most popular esports titles like Fortnite and PUBG. Also, current generation Picasso APU is already dominating Nvidia’s GT1030 D5 and GTX750Ti legendary cards.

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Many tests are not done yet over Renoir APU since it’s very fresh entry to GFXBench database. However, basic tests like Render Quality got a score of 3827 mB PSNR and Render Quality – HP also took similar score numbers. It means AMD engineers are testing this APU for rendering purposes first then gaming tests for later times. Somehow, ownsnap team is covering Renoir APU topic very closely because APUs are the future of gaming hardware. Intel Gen 11 graphics are also much anticipated integrated chips to bring tight competition to AMD’s APU dominance. General consumers would love to get cheaper options to try gaming experience before purchasing a bulky discrete GPUs weighting almost 3 pounds.

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Source: GFXBench via Twitter

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