AMD Reportedly Takes 74% Market Share According To Mindfactory Retail Sales In Two Weeks After Zen 2 Release

Ryzen 3000 series boosted AMD’s sales significantly since they added stock cooler into the retail package. TechEpiphany reports that Mindfactory sold 810 units of Ryzen 7 3700X that beats records in top sales. Last three top positions are taken by i7-9700K, i5-9600K, and i9-9900K. Logically, lower prices, more cores, more threads, and Wraith Prism cooler served as the main cause for rising AMD’s market share.

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Courtesy of TechEpiphany via YouTube

Market share of AMD dramatically increased in German retailer site. However, AMD’s margins decrease if thinking reasonably.

Courtesy of TechEpiphany via YouTube

Eventually, the revenue increases after gaining serious market share. While AMD’s average price is 220 Euro, Intel sells for average 290 Euro – for a higher price. Therefore there is a 6% difference between market share and revenue.

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Courtesy of TechEpiphany via YouTube

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