AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Vega 11 On Playing FIFA 2020 FPS Test Using D3D12 at 1080P Resolution

Football is everyone’s favorite game in both virtual and real world. Addictive and disturbing of all the time comes in the form of FIFA 2020 game – just released on game launchers. Players in the 2020 version are updated and always eager to make a goal for you. Tech Epiphany YouTube channel couple week ago uploaded a video that contains Ryzen 5 3400G testings on FIFA 2020 gameplay. So far results below are great at 1080p but 1440 and 4k resolutions should not be in our thoughts because APU is not as powerful as mid-range and high-end GPUs. There is a big room for APU’s improvement.


Vega 11 had temperature from 43 to 65 degrees in Celsius while CPU faced from 34 to 56 degrees at most. Wraith Stealth cooler is not strong enough to handle their temps. Buyers should consider adding another custom cooler to extend their lifespan.

DXD12 Benchmarks

Mostly, 67 FPS is seen while they play FIFA 2020. Wow, that’s cool because minimum 60 FPS can guarantee high UX in gameplays. 1080p resolution is the most suitable for the flagship R5 3400G while R3 3200G could not handle this most probably.

GPU and CPU Usage

GPU was very hardworking in the gameplay by showing 99% often while CPU saved almost 60% of its usage. The hardship was on the shoulders of Vega 11 graphics that is integrated inside the processor. I think the lifespan of the GPU decreases much faster than CPU’s as its usage is obviously hitting the ceiling.

Is 1080p Resolution Good for R5 3400G?

There is no right answer to this question. It all depends on the game you play. Since APU is a new innovation in the gaming industry we can’t rely on their strength for a while unless 720P is our desired resolution. For that occasion, you need a small gaming monitor to hide ugly elements of games’ visuals.

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