AMD Ryzen 7 3700X vs Intel Core i7-9700K: Upgrade Path, Productivity, Overclocking, Cooling, Gaming, Streaming, Power Draw and Price

Processor is the remarkable piece of PC hardware. It takes charge on processing your data in split seconds while you are enjoying productivity and gaming performance. In 2019, processor chips made the biggest swing in the area of high performance computing. One of the noticeable historic launch was AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series based on 7nm technology. Greatest achievements of Ryzen 3000 or 3rd Gen are the 25% less power consumption efficiency and up to 35% multicore performance uplift compared to previous generation. In single core performance Ryzen 9 3900X also defeated its long time rival Intel Coffee Lake CPUs according to Cinebench R20 but gaming performance is still behind by 4-6% against Intel Core i9-9900K flagship in 1080p gaming. Gamers would not notice any difference from their experience unless they put fps counter software for comparison. Most interesting part about AMD vs Intel rivalry is Ryzen 7 3700X against i7-9700K because these two CPUs share same price point and core count. Ryzen 7 3700X is the legend in the making with 8 Cores 16 whopping Threads up to 4.4GHz and Intel Core i7-9700K is also serious contender with 8 Cores 8 only Threads up to 4.9GHz amazing turbo frequency. In this comparison work, bringing straightforward points are going to be considered before you purchase. They are Upgrade Path, Productivity, Overclocking, Cooling, Gaming, Streaming, Power Draw and Price. Clearly, those factors will help the average PC users to contemplate about their future decision in choosing the CPU.

Upgrade Path

Saving money for the future is the first option in PC builders’ mindset. Exactly, AMD Ryzen CPUs AM4 platform will give clear upgrade path from 1st till 4th gen completing in 2021. If you purchased B350 motherboard together with Ryzen 1600 processor in 2017 then you have smooth CPU upgrade path compatible with Ryzen 5 3600 or perhaps even Ryzen 7 4700X. In contrast, current Z390, B360 and H310 Intel motherboards might not have upgrade path for next gen Comet Lake 14nm++(+) or Sunny Cove 10nm processors in 2020. So going for AMD is the best choice for longer upgrade path to save money on motherboard and RAM. Nobody knows which RAM Speed Sunny Cove architecture will require. Getting 3200MHz is the safest decision not to lose some money in the future.


Content creation job market is getting so popular among millennial people. Thanks to PC hardware advancement through passing decade, especially processor multicore speed and graphics acceleration contributed effectively. Nvidia’s CUDA acceleration is the revolutionary tool for any content creators. But you need multicore raw power to reach maximum performance in rendering and fluid experience. For this solution, Ryzen 7 3700X is the right match with 8 Cores and 16 threads that can shred any Intel’s i7 9th processors into many pieces. Why? Because, i7-9700K is limited with 8 Cores 8 Threads only. Furthermore, Premiere Pro, AutoCAD, Lumion Pro, V-Ray and Davinci Resolve software demand more threads to achieve fastest rendering process, and 7nm Ryzen 3700X will give higher speed and fluid performance compared to Intel Core i7-9700K.

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Undisputed overclocking champ is Intel’s chip due to matured 14nm technology over 4 years lifespan. Big caveat here is the expensive cooling solution. You need to buy Noctua NH-D15 for aircooler or Corsair Hydro H100i for AIO cooler in order to reach stable 5.1GHz across all Cores. On the other hand, Ryzen 7 3700X can’t even pass 4.3 GHz on all Cores but user can overclock the memory and tweak the timings to squeeze up to 15-20% multicore speed. Both chips might give you their own advantage in terms of overclocking like Ryzen may save your money on cooling solution while overclocking memory and Intel can easily manage higher frequency performance to gain 15%.


In the cooling department, Intel needs after market cooling solution like Noctua NH-D15 or Corsair Hydro series which do require to spend extra $70 to $100 budget. On AMD side, Ryzen 7 3700X comes with Wraith Prism RGB Cooler compatible to popular RGB motherboards and Razer Chroma based peripherals. Additionally, 5 case fans are also recommended to cool overclocked Intel i7-9700K and its Z390 motherboard to enhance stronger airflow. Meanwhile, Ryzen 7 3700X is not for overclocking fun but memory tweaking helps to increase extra performance using Samsung B-Die based chip RAM sticks like G.Skill TridentZ 3800MHz 16GB 8×2 configuration. Therefore, on the cooling aspect, Ryzen processor doesn’t push the user to spend extra money.

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How hard AMD tried to compete against Intel to win in the gaming department it eventually has kept failing since 2006. However, Ryzen 7 3700X has closed the performance gap significantly against i7-9700K. It only slower 5-9% on average fps when it comes to older titles optimized for Intel quad-core chips. Anyway, i7-9700K is the gaming king right now due to single-core effective speed but gamers wouldn’t feel any difference unless they put fps counter overlay software for monitoring purpose. Nevertheless, latest AAA game titles are adapting to multicore CPU performance such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey utilizes 8 physical Cores to run on highest settings. Probably, after 5 years, gamers will run on 12 Cores or above configuration as a result of transistor shrinking 5nm or even 3.5nm technology advantage.

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Streaming is most crucial hobby or permanent job for others in Twitch, Facebook or Mixer. For fluid streaming purpose user needs multicore CPU to handle many background tasks including gaming, Chrome 10-20 tabs opened and Spotify music usually. Both Ryzen 7 and i7 are suitable for streaming tasks since they got 8 Cores similarly. Most important, Ryzen 7 3700X has a slight advantage using SMT (Simultaneous Multi Threading) feature to process streaming flawlessly on 1080p.

Power Draw

No introduction needed here about who is the efficiency belt holder. Of course, the most efficient power draw chip is Ryzen 7 3700X thanks to 7nm miraculous technology where the electrons run shorter distance between the transistors making them to consume 25% less power compared to i7-9700K’s 14nm outdated technology. Blind spot here is exposed on Intel when gamer starts to choose power supply unit and realizes that i7-9700K eats more power so the gamer must spend little bit more like 50W higher PSU with 80plus bronze standards depending on GPU requirements.

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Pricing topic is a very sensitive issue for Intel lovers since they have to lose much money on CPU cooling, PSU and motherboard. In other words, building a PC with Intel is becoming a taboo when your friends start to notice your outrageous mistake and they keep telling about price value points featuring AMD Ryzen 5 3600 or Ryzen 7 3700X which come with ready RGB cooler. Spending on budget and mainstream Intel processors is a good idea thinking about getting stock cooler to get away with. However, building PC system with i7-9700K priced at $350 and spending $100 on a decent cooler plus expensive overclocking Z390 motherboard at $180 can really hurt the oriented budget on a performance GPU. Purchasing Ryzen 7 3700X with stock RGB cooler for $330 and getting affordable overclockable B450M Steel Legend motherboard for $96 is the bests bargain for tight budget to get midrange RTX 2070 Super instead of getting RTX 2060 6GB if Intel built PC.

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