AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Offered On EOS PC With 4% Discount Till September 15

Flagship CPU of Ryzen 3000 is finally coming with the name Ryzen 9 3950x. After BIOS update this monster may come since AMD is eager to fix boost clock issues. Couple hours ago a Twitter user Komachi found a listing of the flagship on EOS PC. 16 cores and 32 threads were already known for many of us, and 105W TDP as well. People will see a CPU with 7nm architecture for the first time in their lives. For that wonderful event, EOS PC offers a discounted price for the upcoming monster. The buyers will save 40 Swiss Franks ($40.41 US). After conversion, the price is around $930 US.

As AMD itself announced before all the specs are similar to their promises. Hardcore gamers and even designers will enjoy having this monster with 16 cores and 4.7GHz boost clock if it meets with all the promised specs and passes unbiased tests.

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7nm is a tech breakthrough done by AMD which a couple of years ago was struggling in making high-end CPUs and now trying to compete with legendary NVIDIA.

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Boost clock may not matter most when the 7nm node could provide optimal performance to PC. We shall see that the latest tech in real-world tests from users within a month.

Source: EOS PC via Komachi

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