AMD Silently Launches Radeon 600 Graphics Series For Systems Developers. Laptop and PC GPU’s are Ready to Perform

Currently, Radeon RX 5700 lineups are on the spot of masses who compare and test with NVIDIA graphics cards. On AMD’s official site there is a list of RX 600 graphics series that come including 610, 620, 625, 630, and 640.

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According to a German tech site PCHamesHardware, there is an accurate table that informs 640 and 630 are designed for both PCs and laptops. Other 610, 620 and 625 are exceptionally for laptops with relation to Oland GPUs.

All of them with 64-bit interfaces, GCN 4.0 architecture, 4GB RAM and GDDR5 memory. However, 620 has additional DDR3 type. The most powerful RX 640 could have similar specs as 540X has but no reason to compare them. RX 540X is significantly superior in Peak Texture Fill Rate, Peak Pixel Fill Rate and boost frequency.

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We expect to see more SKUs from 600 series by hoping 640 is not the flagship from that family. For mobile devices AMD focuses not much as hardcore games are played on optimal gaming PCs that can be built for a maximum $2000. Thus, developing discrete GPUs should be a priority for them to compete against NVIDIA and upcoming Intel’s discrete graphics cards.

Prices are not mentioned since they have to take all factors to account for offering reasonable prices. For now, AMD has mid-range price category GPUs like RX 5700 series that can’t compete with RTX 2080 Super and Ti which are able to win in frame rate and frame time. There is an AMD fanboys’ strong hope on high-end GPUs presence from the company. Can RX 600 series offer a flagship SKU that can beat RTX 2080 Ti? Leave your opinions below.

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Source: AMD

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