Apple Could Acquire Nio, Li Auto or Xpeng To Enter EV Market. Here is Why

Apple’s car rumors are roaming around the internet with various futuristic images. Many of them are rendered by amateur car designers on Twitter and Instagram. Apple is capable to design great products but making EV has a lot to do inside the product.

As Trump’s administration started the trend in acquiring Chinese telecom companies, EV manufacturers may repeat the same fate too because of worsening relations between the U.S and China.

Walmart and Microsoft team up in bidding for TikTok’s acquisition. Other giants might be thinking of buying other smaller corporations up to diversify their revenue sources. Apple is building strategies for expanding business operations in various fields.

As the EV industry is still fresh Apple could manufacture its own branded car via the aid of foreign technology that comes from an acquired entity. This move will save a lot of time and funds for Apple and eventually, Tesla might be left behind.

Uson Abdilazhanov

Editor and Computer ExpertA hardcore tech enthusiast and computer expert Uson Abdilazhanov who holds a degree in communications started writing in his personal blogs since 2012. That time he was interested in the technical part of the computer. But now the software aspect plays an important role in his career. Currently, he runs a PC building and repairing shop which helps a lot of designers and gamers who always like to try new things.