Below $5 Growing Stock: Kahoot! AS (OTC: KHOTF)

Kids like electronic device based games. Knowing this trend and taking advantage of the growing generation’s hobby led Kahoot! AS (OTC: KHOTF) to focus on developing games that help players learn during the entertainment process.

On Monday KHOTF gained 1.20 points on 25,734 shares only while its market cap reaches $2.426 billion. Kahoot still manages to collect gross profit but operating expenses cause negative EPS for a long while the audience is not enough to create sufficient revenue to provide net income for stockholders.

Q1 2020 financial results show the revenue grew significantly by indicating the audience is being enlarged fast. Q2 revenue grew 49% quarterly on receiving the skyrocketed number of paid subscriptions. This phenomenon happened due to the lockdown, lets see what happens when schools will open.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor