Big Data Company Stock To Consider: Alteryx Inc (NYSE: AYX)

In the world of big data, every company needs someone who can turn the data into information with an analytical pattern. Outsourcing is a fancy trend for its cost cutting edge while hiring data analyzing employees may need time and financing. Alteryx offers such service and gets its stocks to soar recently despite many businesses are closed due to COVID-19. Governments and statistic driven organizations still need services from the Alteryx. However, Q1 earnings became negative amid coronavirus pandemic impact. Furthermore, operating expense has grown by almost $10.000.000 along with the cost of revenue.

Fortunately, total liabilities decreased roughly by $2.000.000. Meanwhile, total equity gross minority interest has increased by almost $2.500.000. AYX (NYSE) has been steadily growing since May 1.

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Alex Krakowsky

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