BioHiTech Global’s Stock (BHTG) Soars As AP-4 Disinfection Tech May Push Its Revenue Up

A penny NASDAQ: BHTG gained 11.49% reaching $1.65 on Friday. Optimistic investors demanded so many shares as the daily volume soared to 2,251,604 shares.

As the earth gets flooded by waste which is the result of current progress a smart managing system comes from BioHiTech Global to reduce the pollution to its minimum. Recycling disposable items have never been easy for any pro-green waste management firm. Only efficient technology could aid BioHiTech Global to exist until today while any kind of waste is sold in developed countries.

In collaboration with Altapure, BioHiTech Global offers AP-4 which kills any virus on any surface and air by vapor and aerosol system. A significant increase in revenue may occur if the management adds a higher margin. However, there are several competitors offering cheaper prices while their quality is dubious.

Alex Krakowsky

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