Borderlands 3: How to Defeat Shiv, Badass Snock Skog and Mouthpiece Using All Resources

In the beginning, a funny too much talking rusty bot guides a recruit (player) to reach ‘Children of the Vault’ where Shiv – first boss is residing. It gets ridiculous when the bot asks those villains surrender. For sure, they do not welcome and neutralize him by a giant magnet. Even after the bot is attached to that magnet he does not stop talking to the recruit.

Eliminating Shiv

As you enter the building inside their base you will see a half-naked man in a mask who brings a knife to fight – very strange. Moreover, his disgusting body with a tiny left arm and a big right arm may shock any novice. He will run toward you by throwing knives. Shooting will take a long time to finish him off. Try to get him near gallons then shoot them. Eventually, the first boss will be on fire losing his life fast.

Go to boxes and open them to collect useful resources. Do not forget Mr. Chew – a dog alike creature who loves biting enemies. After releasing that noisy bot you will get an ally called Lilith – a commander of the Crimson Raiders. She will tell about a map and then you get to a checkpoint where Vaughn – Spartanian looking guy is being held. You set him free.

Ripping Badass Snock Skog off

Then he will bring you the place where biting creatures attack you. Over there you need Mr. Chew and grenades. Next boss is an alpha of biting creatures. You should throw grenades and keep shooting at him till he does not show any sign of life.

Killing Mouthpiece

Music producing Mouthpiece waits for you a long time and gets excited to attack you by a digital shield that shows a level of sound. That funny villain can be stopped by grenades. Be careful of short men who are hard to shoot and aim. Bullets sent from Mouthpiece are lethal but can be seen when he shoots. Hide and shoot strategy is the best in this mission. After killing the villain some remained short men will keep attacking you. Heal your Mr. Chew to get quick help.

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