Cheapest Tech Stock Rockets: Blonder Tongue Laboratories (NYSE: BDR)

On Tuesday Blonder Tongue Laboratories (NYSE: BDR) plunged 4.39% to $0.7601 on 25,993 shares only. Today, BDR instantly soars more than 100% to over $1.50 making a good opportunity for penny stock lovers.

It is a very early stage of jumping onto the BDR bandwagon as it is extremely cheap for NYSE. Spending around $1000 could make $3000 approximately after some time, maybe a year. This kind of chance comes very rarely from tech stocks as they tend to blast off quickly after IPO.

Until the market closes there is plenty of time to analyze BDR (revenue, profits, earnings, balance sheet) from history to the final product line as well.

Richard McEntire

Finance and Entertainment Reporter Richard is a bottle of wine - the older the sweeter. He has already found the sweetest hobby in writing entertainment and finance news for Own Snap. Readers get the updated posts regularly from him searching for real-time news.