Control: How To Combat Final Boss – Saving Dylan While Traversing the Oceanview Motel

Getting into another dimension where bricks are moving and the law of attraction does not exist is easy. Around 20 enemies wait for Jessee being the disruptive element on the way to Dylan. Pull up any debris and send to them precisely, one by one they can get serious damage. Then shoot their heads by the pistol that should be turned to single-shot mode. That will save your bullets. Jumping from one brick to another is supported by floating in the air and Jesse has less chance to die. But reaching Dylan has been accompanied by heavy mounted enemies who easily get headshots. The red color of another dimension may be disturbing when you can’t spot the enemy and attacking side which is shown in dark red color.

Dylan Is Floating

Rescuing Dylan takes around 20 seconds, Jessee must simply hold his head and free him from being a hostage. The final battle is very short and does not give a burden to the gamer. 505 Games focused on minor bosses who deliver sublime excitement when the fight goes on. Jessee could accomplish the mission and there is an expectation the game will have a sequel because she is still in charge of anticipating FBC’s incidents.

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