Could AMD Improve Ryzen 5 Year By Year? Ryzen 5 3600 vs Ryzen 5 2600 vs Ryzen 5 1600 Benchmark Test

Continuous improvement in prices and APUs from AMD is obviously seen when Ryzen 5 3400G is faster than predecessor 2400G. Can Ryzen 5 3600 beat 2600 and 1600? If I am intriguing you, refer to benchmark tests below in nine games like Metro Exodus, CS: GO, Battlefield 5, Project Cars, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Hitman 2, The Witcher 3 and Watch Dogs 2. For testing, Windows 10 Pro, AORUS PRO GeForce RTX 2080 OC 8GB Graphics and 16Gb RAM 3200Mhz are used to obtain optimal results.

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Frame Rates
Ryzen 5 1600Ryzen 5 2600Ryzen 5 3600
Metro Exodus157 FPS175 FPS185 FPS
CS:GO299 FPS349 FPS431 FPS
Battlefield 5150 FPS159 FPS179 FPS
Project Cars113 FPS124 FPS144 FPS
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey75 FPS76 FPS92 FPS
Kingdom Come Deliverance68 FPS80 FPS89 FPS
The Witcher 3119 FPS129 FPS147 FPS
Watch Dogs 269 FPS76 FPS88 FPS

Looking at frame rates, we can clearly see that difference between 3600 and 2600 is wide. But 1600 and 2600 have little difference. Here, I may conclude that the latest 3600 is improved and better than prequels.

Frame time (lower is better)
Ryzen 5 1600Ryzen 5 2600Ryzen 5 3600
Metro Exodus5.6 ms5.0 ms4.2 ms
CS:GO2.4 ms2.1 ms1.8 ms
Battlefield 55.8 ms6.1 ms5.1 ms
Project Cars9.0 ms8.0 ms7.0 ms
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey13.3 ms12.5 ms10.9 ms
Kingdom Come Deliverance13.5 ms10.0 ms8.7 ms
HITMAN 213.7 ms11.9 ms11.1 ms
The Witcher 37.6 ms6.3 ms5.9 ms
Watch Dogs 217.8 ms14.4 ms12.1 ms

Wow, good boy, Ryzen 5 3600! You are the best in frame time. One can see obviously that lowest ms of 3600 will deliver the fastest and smooth gaming experience. Have fun and exploit your new R5 3600 till it can give you everything!

Source: Testing Games via Youtube

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