Don’t Wait For Tesla Battery Day, Buy Model 3 Now As The Best Battery May Be Installed In Roadster or Cybertruck

There are many twitterians who say, “I wait for Tesla Battery Day, Model 3 will improve in battery range and charging time.”  After the presentation, Tesla will not quickly offer that magic battery in all models as it needs to ramp up with production. So, one may wait more than 6 months after pre-ordering budget models.

After acquiring Maxwell, DBE (Drive Battery Electrode) method became available to apply in Tesla factories as electrode drying of toxic wet chemicals is most possibly removed to save time in mass manufacturing.

Moreover, the improved DBE method makes 500 watts per kg batteries while Tesla has 250 watts per kg. DBE also reduces 10-20% production cost along with a 16 times increase in production capacity density. Up to 2 times multiply in battery life is expected too from DBE.

As Tesla is rushing to build more factories in China and Germany, the DBE method is practiced in existing factories which are limited in producing a significant number of pre-ordered models.

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According to Panasonic, A Solid-State Battery (SSB) is 10 years away because scientists didn’t focus on its development yet. The appearance of EV actually urges many scientists to go for R&D activities to make SSB lively.

Source: Undecided with Matt Ferrell

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