Enochian Biosciences’ Stock (NASDAQ: ENOB) Triples While Biotech Companies Fight COVID-19

By $0.2700 NASDAQ: ENOB rose to $4.12 on Friday increasing daily volume of 46,607 shares when average daily trade volume stands at 52,947 shares. Pre-market data indicates that at 8:28 AM EDT ENOB gains 307.77%.

As Enochian Biosciences is still going on with the creation of cures for infectious diseases like HIV, AIDS its revenue does not seem coming soon in financial reports while funds are coming from issuing shares and taking debts. A couple of hours ago, the company announced three presentations on potential HIV and HBV cures.

Currently, Enochian Biosciences’ market value is overpriced by $191.569 million despite 12 months based negative EPS of $0.1380. Soon the stock may fall because of its own volatility.

Alex Krakowsky

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