Everything To Know About Adam Warlock Before Watching The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3

For a long time, fans have been discussing an arrival of Adam Warlock who was in the process of creation in the second volume of Guardians of the Galaxy. Ayesha said to her servant,

They are perturbed I’ve wasted our resources. When they see what I have created here their wrath will dissipate. That, my child, is the next step in our evolution. More powerful, more beautiful, more capable of destroying the Guardians of the Galaxy. I think I shall call him Adam

From here it is already clear she wants a superior creation that is dominant against the team of Star-Lord (Criss Pratt). Let’s see more about Adam Warlock referring comics version.

Life in Marvel Comics

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Originally according to comics, scientists from Enclave created a perfect artificial human who calls himself “Him” and eventually rebelled against them and conflicted with Thor. He decides to travel into space by leaving Earth.

There was a request from High Evolutionary to save Counter-Earth from Man-Beast. Soul Gem was given to Him by High Evolutionary for the purpose of capturing other beings’ souls. He meets four teenagers who will give him a name Adam after he arrives at the Counter-Earth. After defeating the Man-Beast he gets a name Warlock from High Evolutionary. Then Adam Warlock leaves the planet for finding a new mission.

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He meets Magus who leads religious organization Universal Church of Truth. Warlock finds out Magus is himself from the future and traveled back in a time driven by insanity due to using his Soul Gen. Joining forces of Gamora, Pip the Troll and Thanos was caused by the purpose of opposing the evil Magus. He travels a few months ahead and steals his own soul to prevent the creation of Magus. Warlock then travels into space not knowing exactly when his soul will be taken.

During the fight against Thanos who has an intention to destroy Earth’s sun and causes deathly harm to Pip and Gamora, Warlock’s younger self steals his soul thus storing his soul in Soul World reuniting with Pip and Gamora.

There are many stories covering Warlock’s power over Thanos and other characters. The main shield of his defense is his cocoon that saves him from multiple attacks though he might be resting.

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Who can match

There are several superheroes and villains that can fight him as an equal opponent. For sure, Thanos with his sword and mounts. Captain Marvel is also a good competitor with flying and fast fighting capabilities to claim power over Adam Warlock. Thor with hummer can give serious lessons to artificial superhuman like Vision who also could match him but he died in Avengers: Infinity War because of injury caused by Thanos’ servant.

Source: ComicBook

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