Geforce RTX 2080 Super Testing On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at 1440p/4k

Reasonable price and performance of RTX 2080 Super still amaze gaming enthusiasts since its official release. This lucky GPU can handle any game at 1440p mostly. 4k is still not highly demanded by gamers so we shouldn’t worry about that clearest resolution. Infamous TheDonnerGman Youtube channel dares to test 2080 Super at 1440p and 4k while playing COD: MW with excitement. The testing uses max graphics settings at both resolutions.


The coalition is one of the most decorated maps that have many elements that need your GPU work on them by unveiling how they are nicely prepared by the development team. Budget and mid-range cards might have obstacles in showing them but RTX 2080 Super is the coolest GPU that depicts their true images. Ray Tracing feature also assists in revealing the colorful design of the map but shooting gamers not so often pay attention to those works done their GPU. I think only Minecraft is perfect for the Ray Tracing.

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4k could heat the GPU till 60 degrees in Celcius but surprisingly, 1440p makes it heat to 68 degrees. Maybe, they set limits at 4k resolution. That’s a very bad test because we can’t learn how hot the GPU gets. Anyway, we could learn 1440p heats RTX 2080 Super till almost 70 degrees in Celcius.

Frame Rate

On average 58 FPS is often seen at 4k. But the better result is surely from 1440p that delivers around 115 FPS on average. I encourage you to play at 4k to try how your RTX 2080 Super performs by proving it is super or not. 1080p is left behind recently, soon most gamers will forget about that. Therefore, for the sake of good old memory, you also try 1080p so you will be grateful to new 4k upcoming monitors that the best tech always comes in the future.

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