Gen 12 Intel’s Graphics Cards Come Out With Code Names: AlderLake-S, DG1, DG2, Arctic Sound, RocketLake, LakeField-R, RyeField and TigerLake

There have been rumors about Intel’s Gen 12 discrete GPUs that were spotted on driver update leak will come in four models with up to 512 cores. Twitter user Komachi uploaded a picture of Intel’s GPUs with SKUs, Codenames, and IDs. Many unusual codenames for each SKU may surprise PC enthusiasts.

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Courtesy of Komachi via Twitter

Look at unearthly RyeField codename which belongs to 994X Gen 12 graphics. Other interesting codenames TigerLake, AlderLake-S, and RocketLake can be memorized quickly in your subconscious mind. Every PC building enthusiast should memorize them which are not really difficult to pronounce.

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