“Genesis” Codename for Ryzen Threadripper 4000 series confirmed

Mysterious name “Genesis” has appeared in AIDA64 software database alongside “Vermeer” codename. These findings were detected by planet3dnow German forum website user. Turns out, google maps had answers for this relative name which is referred to Washington state Peaks include both “Genesis Peak” and “Castle Peak”, since possibly “Castle Peak” name for Threadripper 3000 series is just reconfirmed recently in official investor relations slideshows. So, precisely AIDA64 is hinting on Threadripper 4000 7nm+ chips named after Genesis Peak.

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Courtesy of Planet3DNow powered by Google Maps

7nm+ technology will bring refined performance boost for Desktop, Laptop and HEDT (High End Desktop) platforms in this end of a year. AMD’s “Renoir” APUs are the big bets for budget performance gamers in order not to purchase bulky expensive entry level GPUs from Nvidia and second hand market. Probably, AMD will solve some latency issues between CCXs (Core Complex) by releasing refined 7nm+ Ryzen 4th Gen CPUs for desktop to beat Intel in terms of gaming performance. Anyway, Intel responded to AMDs pricing technique by cutting its current 9th Gen CPU lineup by 15-18% in Amazon. Future for computer hardware development looks brighter than ever, let’s see the stiff competition effects coming next year for HEDT platform.

Unofficial AMD CPU Roadmap Generated by Planet3DNow

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