GTX 1050 Ti vs RX 560 vs GTX 1050: Battlefield V, Far Cry New Dawn, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Resident Evil 2, Metro Exodus, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Strange Brigade Gameplay Benchmarks

Entry-level graphics cards are always in demand and market is flooded by them. Budget loving fans have a vast variety of choices. As I see many people would like to buy second-hand GPUs that were used for either mining or gaming. When bitcoin’s price fell, most of the miners started selling GPUs to cover mining costs. Thus, putting the graphics card’s manufacturers into trouble.

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Today I will go through gameplay benchmark  tests like:
Battlefield V (ultra)
Far Cry New Dawn (ultra)
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (Medium)
Resident Evil 2 (high)
Metro Exodus (Medium)
Apex Legends (Medium)
Fortnite (high/epic)
Strange Brigade (ultra)

Core i7-8700 CPU and 16GB RAM are employed for testing the games with enthusiastic feeling to know which one is the best. Let’s see the results

                        Average FPS
GamesGTX 1050RX 560GTX 1050 Ti
Battlefield V (ultra)354648
Far Cry New Dawn (ultra)394245
Assassin’s Creed  Odyssey (Medium)454658
Resident Evil 2 (high)515759
Metro  Exodus (Medium)446162
Apex Legends (Medium)8898100
Fortnite (high/epic)705975
Strange Brigade (ultra)333843

In all the games GTX 1050 Ti wins having the highest average FPS. This good GPUs are still rocking to deliver decent gaming experiences for budget lovers and those who refuse to upgrade their PCs.

Products mentioned:

GTX 1050

RX 560

GTX 1050 Ti

Source: Benchmarks via Youtube

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