GTX 1660 Super Will Be Launched On October 29th With Confirmed Price

Finally, GTX 1660 Super is confirmed to launch on October 29th with $229 price tag making it first Super series GPU which doesn’t have Ray Tracing feature or RTX On. This news is coming from while they tweeted from official twitter account. In addition, GTX 1660 Super will include GDDR6 memory and 336 GB/s wider bandwidth over vanilla GTX 1660 which only has 192 GB/s.

Previously, Maxsun custom graphics card from Nvidia GTX 1660 Super specs leaked out with strong confirmation. Moreover, CUDA core count of 1408 remains the same as older vanilla version. Specific chip TU116-300 is also appears to be powering this Super card since GTX 1660 Ti includes it too. Let’s find out how this graphics chip will perform in the hands of independent reviewers for additional $10 price over GTX 1660 after October 29th. Because another AMD Navi 14 card called RX 5500 is also slated to launch this end of year.

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