GTX 750Ti vs R9 270: 1080p Resolution Benchmarks Playing GTA 5. Which Is The Fastest GPU?

The second-hand market is always active. Those who acquired GTX 750Ti vs R9 270 graphics to play favorite games should stay here for a while for getting benchmark test based on frame rates. This time GTA 5 will help in revealing their true strengths. Testing setup includes i7 5820K at 4.1Ghz.

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Userbenchmark claims that R9 270 is better. We will see this is true or not. Youtuber CheckThatTech conducted test benchmark using all the setup above for the sake of unbiased benchmarks.

Older R9 270 wins the battle by 11 extra in average frame rate and 6ms in average frame time. Users of were right with their benchmarks. If you do not agree, leave comments below.

Average Frame Rate Average Frame Time Available
GTX 750 Ti 51 53  From $110
R9 270 62 59 From $200
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Source: Userbenchmark via Youtube

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