Guide to Defeating Lothar In Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Tough Game Gives a Tough Villain.

The game is really tough and takes a long time to pass stages which have a lot of super-strong soldiers who try to rip the sisters off. Shooting only can’t give an effective impact on enemies. Need to use different weapons for each one. AI-powered enemy robots are really difficult to win unless you use tactics. Winning their final boss comprises two fighting situations. At first, he manages to escape by jumping through a window and enabling his flying suit to help him lift up to the roof. The second final situation has a nice story: two sisters manage to defeat Lothar by taking many injuries. If you are intrigued by the quest – how to defeat the final boss Lothar, continue reading further.


Realizing their father is alive and lost hope in this world but he gives them a Set’s weapon that has a devastating power to harm even tough enemies. That weapon’s name is channel energy from other dimensions. The Blazcowicz sisters decide to finish Lothar off by leaving their father in Lab X.

Meeting Lothar Upstairs

Tricky Lothar uses his own lady for covering himself. She eventually dies from the door’s hit caused by channel energy from other dimensions. They chase him to upstairs and fight by using different weapons. The only effective way to harm him is using Set’s weapon that shoots from the left hand. Lothar is quick in moving by popping up from far places. The gamer should fight him till he jumps from the window and flies away. When sisters reach the roof they meet a lot of enemies like armored soldiers, laser-shooting super soldiers, and the toughest Lothar who wishes he could build a fourth Reich under his leadership.

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From level 35 to The Roof

At level 35 the sisters meet a lot of laser super soldiers who are only weak in front of machine guns and shotguns. The user ought to run and shoot by aiming their heads. Finally, the round lift takes them to the roof where they have fun with the most powerful enemy. I met him using a laser gun while he was flying. Several soldiers tried to surround the sister. The only good strategy was hiding and shooting. I advise not to stay at one place by shooting like crazy. Move anywhere you can hide and take a rest a bit. Do not forget to heal the sister who is actually an AI from developers so you may not be scared of the enemies. An electric shocking gun can also decrease the health of Lothar but trying other hardcore weapons could also impact him so hard. On gaming forums experienced buyers say that winning the last stage is really difficult. But you have to try your best.

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