Hedge Fund Analyst Says, “Apple (AAPL) Stock Split Should Confuse Robinhood Investors”

Hedge Fund Telemetry analyst, Thomas Thornton tweeted, “AAPL stock split should confuse the Robinhood investors.” Most of the Robinhood users prefer cheap stocks, usually below $10 by believing they may go up like FB, AMZN, TSLA, or GOOG. Trading penny stocks is just purchasing beaten-up and new stocks that carry high risks of getting delisted from the exchanges.

However, a limited number of stocks may beat expectations of even newbies who came without strategies. Robinhood collected users based on promotional ads like free stock and cheapest stock maybe under 10 cents. As everyone knows only U.S residents are allowed to trade on Robinhood taking loans and buying stocks for millennials is much easier as compared to other developed countries.

Apple’s stock split may attract a lot of traders due to the cheap stock offer which is $400 becomes $100.

Alex Krakowsky

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