Immortal Processors and Their Latest GPU Match: i5-2500K, i5-2400, i5-3570K, i5-3470, i5-3450, i5-4460, i5-4570, i7-2600K & i7-3770K

Since 2010, Intel had produced decent Quad Core processors for general consumers to enjoy AAA game titles. Core i5 CPUs have cemented their position in the mainstream gaming market where any kind of GPUs would be matching for Quad Core configuration CPU setup. This trend had continued till 2017 and eventually stopped when AMD powered Ryzen 1st Gen spoiled Intel’s Quad Core party. Octa Core Ryzen 7 1800X literally demolished i7-7700K with multicore benchmarks in rendering or productivity tests but failed to remove i7’s gaming domination due to mediocre single thread weakness. However, things changed in 2019 after the launch of Ryzen 3rd Gen Matisse CPUs which are standing par with Intel’s mainstream i5 Hexa Core lineup single thread performance but completely removing Intel’s top Core i9-9900K domination in terms of productivity benchmarks. Nevertheless, second hand market took a big hit too thanks to Ryzen revolution. Prices for i7-2600K and i7-3770K drastically went down, making them sweet spot for budget setup to enjoy esports titles like Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends. Most important, legendary i5-2500K and i5-3570K are priced below $60 in second hand market. Still, single core performance of i5-3470 and i5-3570 could take bigger GPUs without bottlenecks like GTX 1060 3GB, RX 560, RX 570 or GTX 1050 Ti. Soft reminder here, Intel Core 3rd Gen up to 8th Gen Processors must be delidded to make liquid metal applied between IHS (Internal Heat Spreader) and barebone CPU surface in order to lower down core temperature. Let’s jump onto legendary processors’ table to see matching current GPUs that can run possibly with zero performance hiccups.

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