Intel 10 Core 20 Thread Comet Lake CPU for Mainstream Desktop PC Confirmed

Intel prepares 10 Core 20 Thread processor beast to fight back AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X and upcoming 16 Core monster Ryzen 9 3950X. However, Comet Lake CPU lineup will be based on 14nm++ technology according to leaked slideshow images via Hong Kong Xfastest website. Main advantage of Intel’s matured 14nm products are the single core effective clock speeds and wider software compatibility. These silicone chips will boast with new motherboard 400 chipset series and 1200 LGA socket in order to increase power requirements for high core count.

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Amazingly, one of the leading industry leaker via twitter with username TUM_Apisak recently confirmed 10 Core 20 Thread Comet Lake CPU release from Intel this week. This user has been the most reliable informer to general public for the past three years. What a sweet time to live in, while AMD and Intel competition is getting hot nearing to holiday season. Mainstream desktop users will have wider options for gaming, productivity and streaming. Probably, single core demanding games like PUBG or older titles would be played with higher frame rate compared to current 9th Gen lineup. Let’s wait and see for Intel Core 10th Gen Comet Lake processors with high regards to compete against AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen productivity champions.

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