Is It Wise To Invest In Palladium?

While car manufacturers are investing in RnD to electrify their current petrol/diesel automobiles palladium price has been rising within three months. Hybrid cars will be in the market for long despite electric cars’ popularity. Furthermore, the Fed cut interest rates leading to precious metal prices’ soaring. Can palladium and gold prices rise together? In the long run, there is a solid probability in their parallel price behavior. However, the short term scenario is very volatile as always. The electric car battery is still weak and needs some years to improve. Investors could enjoy the rising market price of palladium thinking the metal reserve is limited.

Investing in papers (bonds, treasury bills, stocks, fiat money, etc) is not wise during decreased interest rates. In two years palladium’s price may drop if the electric car investment brings fruitful results. Accredited investors will surely buy palladium until the electric car conquers all the roads.

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Alex Krakowsky

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