Joker vs Pennywise. Who Is More Dangerous? Comparing Their Strengths, Weaknesses, Intellects and Impacts

Two smiling fiction characters don’t let anyone forget them after watching their movies. This fall 2019, theaters will surprise fans with new surprising performances of Pennywise and Joker who will stay in their minds for years. Referring to their previous movies we can recall their strength, weaknesses, impacts and intellectual abilities.


Let’s start with Pennywise. The clown can transform into anyone, even a small child’s body doesn’t cause him a difficulty to shrink. Eating people is one of his main purposes. By opening the mouth wide he can swallow the entire human body. Privacy is a reason for him to hide underground by collecting human bodies. Portability is an easier thing to perform; he can save time in fighting multiple people in a short time.

The Joker has powers that match this physical world’s reality. His resistance over pain is shown in Dark Knight. Tainted blood caused by dedicated abuse from his own drugs can protect from any poison. Thus, he is immune to toxic. Basic fighting skills often help him survive from Batman. The fast actionable ability allows him to disappear in escaping any danger.

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Strong heat can demoralize and physically injure both characters but Joker can resist and somehow escapes rather than fight till the end. Joker’s weakness is only his mental illness that was initiated during early life in Arkham City. Pennywise gets brave when opponents fear him. If their fear fades he can lose the courage to fight as it was noticed in IT (2017)


Pennywise focuses on children by having an intellect that can’t reach grown-ups’ thinking. On the other hand, Joker opposes anyone and has higher intellectual ability than police officers of Arkham and Gotham have. He can corrupt and organize any team. Scalability of his organization changes based on his decisions. Weapon handling is a favorite activity for Joker.


Entire cities get afraid of Joker’s attacks that caused by his influential skills like inspiring mentally sick people to gather for one purpose. His goal is not money, his mission is to see the city on fire. From Pennywise there is a little impact on people. Every 27th year he comes to consume children by hiding from humans, thus doing nothing to masses.

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Wrapping Up

Pennywise is scarier than Joker. But comparing them brought some results that in impact and intellect Joker wins. Physically stronger Pennywise may enjoy victory over Joker in power and weakness. If you have anything to add, leave comments below.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor