Joker Will Make You Forget Avengers, Final Trailer Starts Wiping Marvel Away

“All I have, are negative thoughts” – says Arthur Fleck on the final trailer to his social worker from Department of Health but the dark comedy he is bringing to us will surely erase our memories about Avengers: Endgame which became the highest-grossing film of all time after beating Avatar. The final trailer unveiled 1970’s lifestyle when Joker is born and origins of Batman’s laughing enemy will be shown to us this fall. Dark Knight movie could provide us a true face and evil deeds of the Joker but left a lot of questions from where he came from and what made him hurt the entire Gotham city.

The trailer shows how hard times Arthur Fleck is going through; he gets beaten by street gangs, his mother is seriously sick and disappointed by some Arkham’s negative people Arthur is slowly led to do what Joker does in comics. But there is no fantasy or science fiction in the trailer. Everything we see can be done in the real world. Avengers: Endgame has many fantasy-based parts that make middle-aged and elderly people catch a few interesting glimpses. We expect the audience of Joker will not be limited by age.

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Famous Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) in last seconds of the trailer is surprised by Arthur when he asks a favor to introduce him as Joker. Till October 4 almost a month remains to wait for Joker to hit theaters. We all shall forget Avengers since the final trailer promises to unveil origins of Joker.

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