Jumping Biotech Stock To Consider: Organicell Regenerative Medicine (OTC: BPSR)

On Friday, Organicell Regenerative Medicine (OTC: BPSR) popped 89.08% to $0.45 on 3,253,474 shares. Since August 5th BPSR has been surging from $0.04 on the average volume of 1,084,507 shares.

Partnering Miami hospital to treat COVID-19 patients leads BPSR to soar further even with a drug called Zofin which belongs with patent and approved by FDA to test clinically. Phase 1/2 tests are in process to develop or correct the drug.

Currently,  loans and issuing shares may speed up the upcoming phase 3/4 clinical trials before other competitors complete all tests but massive vaccination can’t be done by only them. There should be other vaccines to cover the entire population of the world.

Michael Rowels

Weekend Contributor. Writing for business and finance publishers has become his passion over the last decades after he completed a master's degree in Financial Management. Sharing some opinions and forecasts to thousands of readers is a routine job for him but he never promises to invest in one stock.