Jumping Stock To Consider: Precipio (NASDAQ: PRPO)

A cancer diagnostics company, Precipio (NASDAQ: PRPO) surges 13% minimum on more than 7 million shares after signing an agreement with ADS Biotec to distribute IV-Cell cytogenetics cell culturing media.

PRPO soared to $6.91 from $1.23 on 97.20 million shares on July 30th. Before that day the stock was flat as a floor in a typical apartment. Because of launching an antibody test for COVID-19, the penny stock popped drastically within a day.

Diversifying the revenue sources make PRPO survive in an uncertain healthcare field that requires a lot of funds to develop highly effective products and solutions to fight cancer and other serious diseases. Soon its EPS may add some beneficial points to attract long-staying stock traders.

Richard McEntire

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