Jumping Stock To Consider: RISE Education Cayman (NASDAQ: REDU)

From $5.80 to $7.87 RISE Education Cayman (NASDAQ: REDU) pops quickly due to releasing Q2 2020 earnings transcript call. On Monday REDU rose not really high after the flat move. Right now more than 43 million REDU shares are being traded on the NASDAQ exchange. So huge volume may lift the change higher.

Before long term rise over $10 serious number of short term investors might buy REDU to earn colossal margins. As English is still business language around the world REDU has a chance to surge in revenue and stock as well. The management needs only an effective approach in educating its customers (students).

Most developing countries’ people become potential customers amid the global economy expands fast due to one language communication.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor