Keanu Reeves Talks Matrix 4 While Promoting John Wick 3 in Yahoo Movies

ET Canada recalls Keanu Reeves’ talking Matrix 4 couple months ago by giving an interview to Yahoo Movies representative. The discussion continued shortly with two questions. The representative and Keanu tried to describe a preparation for Matrix 4. The detailed interview is below.

Yahoo Movie Representative: If all the stars aligned and if the Wachowski presented you with the perfect script and your schedule was clear, how would you feel about the idea of returning to the character of Neo 20 years later?

Keanu Reeves: That would be a gift and be interesting. I wouldn’t say ‘no’ about. ‘Yeah’.

Yahoo Movie Representative: How did you go about getting yourself into the headspace of a character that you’ve played so long ago? Now you’ve … that you’re rolling with but for Neo, especially. It’s such an iconic character, that means so much to so many people.

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Keanu Reeves: I think when you get to revisit a story and continue to tell a story, you’re bringing in the past and the work that you’ve done, and so for me, it’s just kind of placing the emotional state of where you are, who the character is. You know how do they feel, how do they think and then you know putting on the suit or costume really comes the exterior that you just feel it.

ET Canada speaker Graeme O’Neil says that the Yahoo Movies host must have known in April or May that Matrix 4 preparation will happen. It is already clear that Lily Wachowski is going to write and direct Matrix 4. By the way, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are set to play roles of Neo and Trinity.

Source: ET Canada via Youtube

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