Latest BIOS Fix Might Improve AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen Boost Clock Issues

Hot news for today’s tech world. Finally, fresh AMD BIOS fix is incoming for 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs to fix long-discussed boost clock issues. Recently, about two weeks ago famous enthusiast and overclocker by name Der8auer published YouTube video regarding his hardware survey to find out accurate response about single core boost clock numbers as advertised by AMD marketing team from Ryzen 3rd Gen owners. Shockingly, only below 6% users or respondents could able to see their processor chips hitting advertised boost clocks.

Prominent twitter user Komachi_ENSAKA who leaks early information about hardware world has just released huge information on new BIOS named AMD ComboAM4 PI This is another new version of AGESA update to tackle some latency and instability issues. Surprisingly, it was predicted by many overclockers including 1usmus who gave ETA: 10 September tweet content. According to later, 16 core monster Ryzen 9 3950X could be seen on the horizon. Due to him being a Professional DRAM calculator, he predicted latest AGESA update coming before September 10. Specifically, SMU FW 46.44.00 bios modifications were mentioned bu 1usmus to improve boost clock speeds. That means Komachi_ENSAKA might be accurate about combo AMD update.

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Previously, AGESA version had been released to solve memory latency issues after one week of launch. Also, it disabled PCIe Gen 4.o support to existing X470 motherboards. Some enthusiasts were not happy hearing about this because they need to purchase latest X570 chipset motherboards above $200. For budget gamers B450 chipset solution starting from $90 is the most valuable bargain ever including overcloking AMD processors and Radeon Crossfire. The only single drawback of B450 chipset is the absence of Nvidia SLI feature that can be found on X370, X470 and X570.

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