Leaked Navi 14 7nm GPU RX 5600 Series Might Become A Rival To NVIDIA GTX 1660

AMD Radeon RX 5700 series has a price ranging from $350 to $470. Komachi leaks stating Compute Performance of AMD 7340:C1 referring Compubench.com. According to the post, the new GPU is built on a basis of the 7nm process like RX 5700 series. Featuring RDNA architecture, its stream processor reaches 1536 SPs, up to 19k Mhz clock speed and 24 RDNA compute units.

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PC builders have been waiting for new cheaper graphics cards come and truly it will happen by upcoming RX 5600 series that may compete with NVIDIA GTX 1660.

As WCCFTECH could notice this leak right after two weeks they posted ‘AMD Radeon RX 5950, 5900, 5850 & 5800 Graphics Cards Leaked’.

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Radeon RX 5700

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GTX 1660

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