Lepow 15.6 Portable Monitor Review – Best For Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch at 1080p

You have a gaming console with reliable accessories but you are still thinking of buying a new portable monitor. Lepow 15.6 could be your friend while you often commute. Most of us work far from home and sometimes playing games would release your stress at 1080 resolution.

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This light monitor has a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080p. I think it would be great for even emulation of retro games if you miss them. I think Raspberry Pi4 can be compatible without any issues. It does 60 hertz that allow any game to be run smoothly.


We got confused about which port is optimal. Only USB type C port is available on Lepow 15.6. It runs on 5 volts which comes through the power adapter. This model also has 6 foot HDMI cable. You can connect your own smartphone through USB type C cable. You could watch films on the monitor if you are eager to get rid of a tiring day.

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For workstation PC this model can’t be good while the user needs more details from visuals. Its 1080p resolution could be good for gaming but for designing, we don’t recommend it. You could try other portable monitors with 4k resolution but price will be higher.

In ETA Prime channel you may see deep review based on testing on different consoles, laptop, tablets, smartphone and more. The video is below.


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