LoL: Follow Enemy’s Roam or Stay in Lane

A lot of players don’t know if they should follow the enemy’s roam or stay in lane. Generally, you should look to follow roams if you have a vision on the river and you can win a skirmish. If you don’t have any vision in the river and you don’t know where enemy jungler is and enemy mid laner is then roaming is very risky in that situation when the enemy is playing like assassin champion. If you don’t know where they are you better stay in mid and look to spam ping like using your spam danger pings on your bot lane or on your top lane on where your enemy mid is roaming.

If you are very much sure that you can win skirmish and got a vision in the river then you go roaming but your enemy might quickly approach your base. You will not have time to defend your towers since the enemy managed to save time for destroying the buildings.

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Even if your bot lane flames you, you can’t do anything in that situation. Just look to stay mid and look to pressure the tower if enemy mid roams, then you can’t follow. As long as you can pressure tower shut the wave in deny him some CS. In the early game if you are playing a strong mid-lane champion and your jungler is also playing strong early game you should look to follow the roam.

Alex Krakowsky

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