Man of Medan – Ending With Death of Final Boss In The WW2 Ghost Ship

The story of WW2 ship got me terrified by horror when guns couldn’t help soldiers in protecting their lives from cursed coffins. Till mid part of the game, there is no horror that I was fearfully waiting for when they entered the crashed plane underwater. I thought criminal gangs will never harm them. Shooting Conrad adds more reasons to fight back against them even inside the scary ship. The exciting part starts at that moment. Before that, I was bored playing when I rarely touched the keyboard and mouse. Actually, this game is like a movie with controllable features, maybe, the ending can happen in different ways. Not so sure about that.

Meeting the Enemy

If Conrad apologized for trouble they caused to the fisherman everybody would be safe. He earned the death himself insulting with money-throwing to the water. What if enemies did not come would they encounter the WW2 ship with full of ghosts inside? Yes, they would. But different scenario would lead them to the ship. The Dark Pictures could probably make the different ending so people might play the game choosing various options suggested on the screen.

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WW2 Ship Has Radio Connection

This is so unrealistic! Radio connection could last till the 21st century and works for a couple of seconds. Actually, it was a trick by the mystic ship with evil ghosts. Everything they touched was unreal unless their boat hit the ship. A silly idea that comes out of their minds is finding a connection to the world. Scriptwriters should have taken this part seriously. Of course, the majority of gamers don’t understand the history of WW2 and adding that idea creates does not make the gamers feel uncomfortable.

Accidental Death of Criminal Boss

The game is not RPG where the final boss dies by the hands of the hero. Killing the boss happens accidentally when the door is shut quickly by dividing the boss into two pieces while he was lying. Brad is a very kind guy who didn’t want to hurt him but no one can escape the destiny. What if I chose other options before he gets killed? Would he be alive? We shall ask developers or play 10 times by choosing all options.

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