Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Final Boss Shara Ishvalda Guide, Notorious Monster Challenges Your Mighty Sword

Covered with gems and colorful stones – Shara Ishvalda impresses me with the massive body. If he existed in the real world I would sell it after winning.  He might have gold too. We are talking now about his armor. In the mid of fight, he takes the armor off and beating him is nearly impossible. For professional gamers, the victory might be time-consuming objective. His armor made him look handsome but he himself is a very ugly creature. Because of his nasty look, I rushed to finish him off. Unfortunately, I had to pause the game and give my body a short relaxation. Gaming tension can also be a problem nowadays.

Guide to Defeat Shara Ishvalda

Remember he has two forms: armored and naked. Attacking armored form is easier than naked because of the thin body. There are few tactics to follow for winning that beast with a strange name:

Attacking armored form by the sword: Take a nice advantage in cutting the stones covered beast since he is too heavy to handle himself.

Massive body is dangerous: be careful when he tries to press you by the gigantic body.

Side running: to escape his terrible attacks try to practice lateral movement.

The naked form is fast: after getting rid of the heavy armor Shara Ishvalda is finally free to trick you with quick moves. Therefore staying close to his lower body part is safe to attack by the sword.

Scream: he often screams to stop you if he gets close.

Earthquake: the beast makes the ground shake by hitting with his long tails. For sure your life gets a slight decrease.

My hero could beat him up but his death did not come at that time. Then another peaceful monster killed him within 10 seconds. He is the strongest among the monsters and people in the game shouldn’t treat him as the enemy.


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