Navi 12 GPU Spotted in Driver Update, New Leaks Suggest 2nd Gen 7nm RDNA Graphics Card May Become Geforce RTX 2080 Ti’s Rival Since RX 5950 XT Rumored To Arrive

We assume that AMD’s ambition to add high-end GPU into 7nm RDNA architecture portfolio might become a reality since the Eurasian patent commission was filing for Sapphire custom AMD cards that included RX 5950 XT – expected to be Radeon’s flagship. There is another evidence in the existence of 2nd Gen RDNA GPUs. German-based ComputerBase tech site shares a driver update which shows Navi 12 card is to be updated as well along with Renoir (expected to be APU). Prominent leaks updating Twitter user Komachi also shared that information with links pointing to GPU driver update. AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su hinted about upcoming GPUs as well but she did not call their names right after the release of RX 5700 lineups.

High-end AMD Radeon RX 5950 XT Flagship Card Is Likely On the Way To Compete With Geforce RTX 2080 lineups

If AMD manages to offer a lower price for high-end GPUs like RX 5950 and RX 5950 XT which have same performance capabilities as Geforce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti, then discrete GPU customers may completely turn their attention to 2nd Gen RDNA cards which are based on 7nm node. NVIDIA’s monopoly might be tanked that way but let’s wait for this winter. Benchmarks will show true strength of Navi cards. There is a big fear that AMD might fail to offer high-end GPU since they have no experience in this field. Maybe they may perfectly develop high-end GPUs next year. Who knows? Time will show.

Ray Tracing Could Be in Navi 12 and 14 GPUs

Since Ray Tracing technology does not belong to any company, AMD might employ that inside their 7nm RDNA graphics cards. Thus, exciting competition might arrive between GPU manufacturers. Moreover, prices for premium GPUs will fall till the point where even mid-range fans may afford them.

Sources: ComputerBase and Komachi via Twitter

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