Navi 14 GPU Benchmark Spotted With 12 CUs, 3GB VRAM and 1.9GHz Max Frequency Clock

More than a month ago Navi 14 or AMD 7340:C1 had tests on Compubench revealing 24 compute units and 1.9GHz. There were rumors about upcoming RX 5600 series which will fill a gap of the budget GPU market segment. Well-known Twitter user Komachi shared benchmarks of AMD 7340:CF which has an internal name GFX1012. We assume that different variant comes on the post because last benchmarks were from AMD 7340:C1.

Overall results clearly say that RX 570 series is similar to GFX1012. For sure, there is a strong expectation that Navi 14 GPUs will be budget-oriented.

This is only OpenCL test, in gaming, there would be a different scenario if anyone tests using various setups. According to Notebookcheck, there will be several variants of VRAM such as 3, 4 and 8 for now. The price will probably start from $100 to $ 250 depending on VRAM size.

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Source: Compubench via Twitter

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