New Intel Gigabyte Motherboards with Z490, H470, B460 & H410 chipsets Are Leaked

Happy day today for Intel devoted fans who really waited for new Intel 400 motherboards that may be supported by LGA 1200 socket. Comet Lake processor motherboard leaks came from eurasian economic commission which approves new imported technologies from overseas.

Firstly, this precious information is detected by twitter user TUM_APISAK. This prominent industry leading twitter user is a reliable source of new hardware leaks that are mostly accurate. Many times it was proven that TUM_APISAK is a legendary informer for general public about upcoming fresh PC related releases. Let’s have a look for exciting new Intel 400 series motherboards.

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Specifically, famous motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte is found to be passing eurasian standards to get approved in order to sell in a given territory. Similarly, any Intel user might see new naming pattern of 400 series chipsets are following 300 series naming scheme. Advanced overclocking motherboards here in the list are Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Elite, Z490 D, Z490 Gaming X, Z490 UD, Z490 White, Z490M, Z490M-DS3H and Z490M Gaming X. Premium type of 400 series chipset motherboards are H470-HD3, H470M-D3H and H470-DS3H. Business oriented motherboards are also detected as B460 HD3, B460M AORUS PRO, B460M D2V, B460M D2VX SI, B460M D3H, B460M D3P, B460M D3V, B460M DS3H, B460M GAMING HD, B460M HD3 and B460M POWER. Among them one custom made professional motherboard is Q470M-D3H. Budget gamers and casual content creators also rejoice by seeing miraculous Gigabyte H410 D3, H410M A, H410M D2VX SI, H410M DS2, H410M DS2V, H410M H, H410M HD3, H410M S2, H410M S2H, H410M S2P, H410M S2V and H410N motherboards. Looks like holiday season during Christmas time will be heart-warming competition among Intel, AMD and Nvidia products. Enjoy your new Intel Comet Lake builds for sweet gaming experience.

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