NVIDIA RTX 2080 TI With Intel i9 9900K Gaming Test Playing Wolfenstein: Youngblood

After Wolfenstein: Youngblood – WW2 related sequel became available for PC users YouTube streamers and vloggers started testing the game using different setups. A Joker Productions channel shared some of his Wolfenstein: Youngblood testing for which he uses a setup like NVIDIA RTX 2080 TI FE (Driver 431.60),  Intel i9 9900K at 4.8GHz and 1.25v 32GB RAM at 3200MHz.

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As we know the game is full of action and shooting. So, only high-end graphics can deliver smooth gaming if you put very high settings.

Courtesy For Joker Productions Via YouTube

The framerate gets low and other components become same as well when the user stays calm without running and shooting.

Courtesy For Joker Productions Via YouTube

Everything rises as the player takes some actions like shooting and reloading.

Overall the game is not lagging unlike budget specs make it slower. Playing with that setup might be the best but you should try with other setups to save some cash.

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Products mentioned:

Intel Core i9 9900K

Source: Joker Productions via Youtube

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