Nvidia’s Budget Graphics Cards will Be Extinct after AMD Renoir APU Release

Legendary high end and budget graphics card maker Nvidia will be having a hardest days competing against next gen AMD Renoir APUs. Even now GTX 750 Ti and GT 1030 are obsolete GPUs at a time of writing because Ryzen 5 3400G w/ Vega 11 APU already defeated both of them on majority game titles performance by 5-10%. Detailed benchmarks for Vega 11 vs GT 1030 vs GTX 750 Ti provided by Youtube channel named Tech Benchmarks Hub respectively.

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Given a fact that Picasso APU Ryzen 5 3400G is a 12nm refresh of previous Raven Ridge Ryzen 5 2400G with the same Vega 11 but 5-7% faster performance. We all witnessed that 7nm based Ryzen 3000 series processors have gained significant performance uplift in single core by 15% compared to previous gen. Remember, the smaller nm (nanometer) means more transistor count density in one chip. More graphics transistors also could be fit into one of the Zen 2 chiplet making it separate for effective thermal dissipation. According to leaks by Informatico Cero via Techpowerup provided slideshows which are hinting the release year of Renoir APUs in 2020 together with Vermeer CPUs. Finally, we will see serious contender for Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 1650 which is overpriced product for tight budget gamers and the ridiculous 20% lower performance against AMD Radeon RX 570. To be safe from many speculations, we can draw real expectations from 7nm APUs besting out 12nm previous gen by 15% performance gains in CPU side and 7% uplift in GPU benchmarks. New 7nm APUs will be game changer in budget segment bringing lowest price chip combining GPU and CPU together in one package. There is no clear information about Integrated GPU architecture in Renoir, whether it is Navi or Vega we have to wait for 4 months according to wccftech insider information. All in all, upcoming Renoir APUs are a serious threat to Nvidia’s budget segmented GPUs like GT1030 and GTX1650. The argument here is a very genuine statement by saying that “If you get a CPU with fast Integrated Graphics that is 10% slower than GTX1650, then, there is no need to buy any discrete GPU since they are not worth any penny for esports titles. Renoir APUs will also bring trouble for Intel Core i3 & i5 9th gen with Integrated UHD630 graphics when it comes price to performance equation.

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