On 164 Million Shares Marathon Patent (MARA) Jumps Amid Bitcoin Riding To $12000 and Buying 1360 Miners

The era of mining and trading cryptos is seemingly coming back during the COVID-19 crisis and jumping gold price. Investing in stocks became riskier due to the economic recession but buying shares of Marathon (NASDAQ: MARA) may cause an investment margin in correlation with bitcoin’s price.

Since last week BTC grew almost $2000 along with altcoins and other counterparts. Miners have plans now to get GPUs and mining machines for the minimum price as possible to create a significant margin after paying electricity expenses. Marathon chose the right time in ordering them before everybody starts ordering in bulks.

MARA most possibly will move parallel to BTC because the company earns revenue out of cryptos mostly.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor