On Old Norwegian Road Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Maneuvers On 60 km/h By Scaring the Driver

An enthusiast TechTuber’s channel, Bjorn Nyland likes to exploit his own Tesla Model 3, especially its autonomous driving feature. While driving at 7 o’clock in the morning to Norway’s beautiful place, Bjorn tested the autopilot on an old unrepaired road. Here’s what happened.

The milky way loving Bjorn turns on that system while driving above 50 km/h. The car increased the speed despite shouting voices of the driver. Seeing the left turning road Model 3 slowed down to 53 km/h approximately and continued with snake alike driving mode.

Actually, that road has no white lines that divide drivers into two intensive movers. What if a fast-running animal came out during 60 km/h? Does Tesla have GPS support to observe additional movements around the car? We need to ask the CFO of Tesla.

Source: Bjorn Nyland

Michael Rowels

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