Previewing The Surge 2 – Sci-Fi Excitement Brought First Impression With Several Action Taking Stages

Upcoming game The Surge 2 to be released on September 24. Now its developers offering the limited game with introductory stages that will boil your blood for full readiness to fight enemies step by step.

Main Specs

Release date: September 24, 2019/ Developer: Deck13/ Publisher: Focus Home Interactive/ Designer: Adam Hetenyi/ Compatible with: PlayStation 4,Windows, Xbox One

Create Your Character

There are 12 characters which are 6 women and 6 men. Picking your hero may take time, so don’t waste it. Choose the one who seems strong or solid. Deck13 put good efforts in including different fictional characters. Looks very detailed in designing his or her hair, skin, nose, face and so on. A handsome person would not bother me to fight in gameplay. So I decorate him a bit.


A voice, ‘look…out, it is going to kill you’ comes to ears of my hero. He gets up from a clinical bed having a headache. Suddenly, an earthquake happens and metal is seen on both hands. He goes to door control and interacts to get out. He gets a medical card in the back corner of the room, then opens the door by the card. Flying police drone attacks him and no other way except hitting it.

Then he jumps down into a hole by entering a room. Over there, a man with orange uniform approaches him by beating with naked hands. For sure, my hero self-defends and fights then. That person can throw rocks, very dangerous, my hero is going to die, OMG. I need to hit that guy again and again. Very interesting part!

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Power source

Surprisingly, I see a healing station but the door is hard to open to access to get power. I need more strength to unveil that. But it’s ok, need to find a source of access. Two enemies waiting for me. I must fight again, LOL. Wow, unbelievable! I can target their hands, yeah! Beat, punch and knock them down! Sweet revenge!

Meeting Benjamin Burke

Let’s go up and I hear a man’s voice saying, ‘You, you gotta let me out, I  am not a criminal, just an average Joe’. Oh, no! Can’t open the door to interact. Whaaat, need only power, where to find it? I choose to go to the control room. Next room could be opened but there is a powerful man with an iron stick to kill me. I see points of his weakness. Let’s try to kill that dude with a name Violent Vic. Need to keep some distance from him and take chances to hit him. After finishing him off by spending more than a minute I took his keys and opened the nearest door. Great!!! Medbay here. Finally, I got more health and armor. Killing enemies got easier. Let’s free that guy in the locked room. He says some words, you will hear them.

On the left side of block B, there is a jammed door, I open it and I see a guy there 50 meters away and going to fight him but the door closes. Never mind, I open a door at right. There is a crazy guy out there carrying a metal to rip me off.

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I got scared when I found that monster eating policemen. Let’s try to attack. Maybe I can win. Nothing to lose. But Warden Garcia introduces his technology of killing the prisoner. OMG, took so long to rip him off. Got his drone. Nice!

Brother Truman

I just got upstairs and meet Truman who spoke to me about the fallen city. I realized there is a space ship on the sky! Just went downstairs and see the power upgrade. Good! Let’s get more power! A couple of guys opposed me so, I killed them all.

Not Final Verdict

The game is interesting but the user should search a lot of things that require much time. You need to be ready to kill your own time before playing this new game. Great for students who have a lot of time for leisure.

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